What is it and Is it for you?

The New Paradigm is based on Soul Expressed Living and from a sociological and new commerce standpoint the New Paradigm is also based on entrepreneurship. Many authorities have said: “We are in the Age of the Entrepreneur”.

Many people ask how I have lived a Soul Expressed and Spirit Led life in an abundant way. I have been a successful model, actor, teacher and then I transitioned into Spiritual Life Coaching, Healing and
Channeling/Intuitive Counseling.

Growing up with the gift of intuitive/psychic ability, I have always been aligned to my Soul and I have been led by Spirit. I have been teaching and assisting on this for many years; so when I was asked to do this in a group format…. I said yippee…and of course yes.

The Soul Entrepreneurship group is focused on assisting you to actualize and externalize your Soul Gifts into the world lovingly, prosperously and abundantly. We are meant to live a fulfilled life. Many people just don’t know how to, and there are specific steps, and an inner map.

I will help you manifest your Soul’s Purpose in the outer world and attain the life enhancing level of prosperity and abundance that your Soul deems for you.

This group will be interactive with growth work, activation and acceleration processes; as well as being based on harnessing the messages for you in the Akashic/Soul Level optimum growth, level and
direction. There will also be a Conscious Business format; as well as other exercise, processes and Soul focused inner work. This program is very proactive and uses practical tools and steps.

If you are ready to dive in to experience your Soul’s Purpose, Soul Directed Living; and take a chance on you, then this group is for you. This will be an amazing journey and discovery for you…

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